Story-Tellers Wanted

Friends of The Spire, 82 Sydenham Street, Kingston, is hiring. If you are a creative, energetic, tech-savvy story-teller and tour guide with dramatic flair, FOS is looking for you. Summer positions available, part-time mid-May to mid-August, total 204 hours. Research, learn, develop online and in-person stories to tell about The Spire’s rich history and present activities. Be prepared to set up a complete tour process: prepare scripts, promote and book tours, welcome guests, present your stories electronically and/or in person, assist in evaluating the tour. Technical skills needed: ability to create and use audio and visual presentations. Hardware and software requirements will be determined and provided for. Interpersonal and communications skills needed: welcoming approach to tourists (virtual or in person), ability to communicate comfortably with all visitors in keeping with our barrier-free inclusivity at The Spire, ability to work collaboratively as part of a small team.  Flexibility required: COVID conditions mean changing conditions. CPIC and Kingston-area location required.

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