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Kingston is a hotbed of talent. Over the years individual and group performers have started their careers here making demo recordings to promote their talents. Many have used the superb acoustics of The Spire’s Performance Hall to create their first recordings and have returned again and again. Contact us to secure a booking for your next recording session.


You are welcome to provide your own recording professional and they are welcome to use recording equipment at The Spire. Download a copy of our inventory (PDF).

Provided by The Spire

Did you know The Spire can provide a world-class (and super great to work with) recording arts professional? Meet Matt Redman, recording engineer and former executive producer who has spent years working in the commercial recording industries and has had compositions featured in film, TV, and radio. Matt’s most recent album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios!

You can have Matt record your album, LP, choir, orchestra, etc. For rates and to discuss your rental, please email

About Matt Redman, Recording Engineer

At 14 years old, Matt saved up and bought a brand new 4-track tape recorder to do his own multi-track recordings. Already an avid guitarist, he spent entire summers with that Yamaha MT4X. Many decades later, his passion for recording music is still a driving force in his life. After getting his Diploma from Recording Arts Canada, Matt cut his teeth at a world-class audio post facility in Toronto called Toast + Jam (now Toast + Jam Sound + Picture, formerly Keen Music), taking on the role of Executive Producer for many years. Now a seasoned Composer and Producer, Matt has spent years recording local acts and producing music for International publication. He feels very lucky to record music in such a beautiful and unique venue as The Spire, and looks forward to recording your next masterpiece!

Matt Redman

Below are links to a number of performances recorded in The Spire’s magnificent Performance Hall.

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