Upper Hall

On the second floor and accessible by elevator, the Upper Hall is ideal for rehearsals, workshops, classes, sectionals, auditions and as a performance space with a capacity of up to 200 people and measuring 54 ft by 32 ft (16.5 m by 9.8 m). An attached kitchen is also available.

“As a small theatre organization, the Sydenham Street United Church upper floor space was the only affordable downtown venue for our performance of Luminous Clouded Titan. “

Aleksandra Bragoszewska

Birdbone Theatre

The Kingston Choral Society has been rehearsing at The Spire for decades and performing here regularly for the last 5 years. We’re a large group, and it’s great to have a rehearsal space large enough to accommodate everyone and still have room to move around comfortably. The addition of the elevator has made the rehearsal hall (Upper Hall) a barrier free space, and the adjoining kitchen gives us the option of a small break out room, should we need it. The performance hall has a very intimate feel, especially considering the capacity, and the warm resonance and reverberance make it a pleasure to sing in. For performances, there are enough rooms backstage for our large choir, guest artists and often the orchestra accompanying us to have their own green room and warm up space. The laneway entrance means our patrons with accessibility issues can attend our performances comfortably. The KCS is happy to be able to call The Spire home. 

Ian Juby

Artistic Director, Kingston Choral Society

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