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General Instructions

Use this form to request an Event Posting on this website.  Please note that we will ONLY post events taking place at The Spire.  Please review a few event postings to familiarize yourself with the information required and how it is used.

Most of the fields are self-evident but a few require explanation.


You may select all the areas of The Spire being used for your event.  If the event covers the entire building select “The Spire”.

Event End Date:

In most cases this will be the same as the Event Start Date but the Event Calendar requires this field to be filled.

Event Cost:

This may be a single number (e.g. $20) or could be a range (e.g. $15-35)

Event Website:

This needs to be a URL that leads the reader to more information and tickets for the event.

Event Excerpt:

This is used on the events listing page and must be 270 characters or less.  More will be truncated.  Short and pithy.

Event Description:

This is used on the individual event page and can be as long as you require to describe your event.

Event Image:

Images are best if 2160×1080 pixels which is the same size and format as required by Eventbrite.  They must be in JPEG format.  If you do not provide an image we will use a default image.  Please do not submit PDF files.

If you would prefer to work with an offline version of this form you can download a PDF version here.


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